About Us

The Pancake Underground is Portland’s very first sweet and savory pancake food cart! What started as an off-hand joke about a rock ‘n roll themed pancake cart between Christopher Kemp and Shenan Hahn when they first met each other quickly grew into a shared dream: to offer innovative, affordable comfort food via America’s greatest culinary blank slate: the pancake. And, of course, to name everything in punny tributes to musicians and bands.


If there is one phrase that best describes The Pancake Underground, it might be “repurposed Americana”: we are all about taking familiar comfort food dishes – from fried chicken to grilled cheese to s’mores to PB&J – and giving them a unique, (somewhat) grown-up twist as a pancake dish. And this not only applies to our food. We took the original oven from the 1957 Jewel trailer that became our food cart, for instance, and made it into a free library for the community. We turned an old cassette tape holder into a utensil dispenser. We are all about taking what’s familiar, turning it on its head, and giving back something unexpected and special.